Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Trimming The Fat

So, I’ve finally stumbled out of procrastination mode. I’ve spent the past few days trimming the fat on a recent page one rewrite.

Fresh eyes - for me, it’s key. Having let a few weeks sit between me and the script, I opened it and started cleaning shop.

What must go and what must stay? If it stays, is it being utilized in the best way? Is each scene a movie - can I see the action in my mind’s eye? What words of dialogue can be replaced with action? Do a character’s words show or conceal their wants/needs/desires? Which one am I going for? With each scene, am I building, knocking down, scrambling character/plot/theme? Again, which am I going for?

But most importantly, do I have to take an axe to those scenes/moments that I hold precious, but weigh down the script?

It’s a workout, all right. But I do so enjoy the process.

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