Friday, November 27, 2009

Armchair Film School #3

Just smidgen of what I’ve been watching since my last visit to these here parts (it’s been a long time):

The 400 Blows
Genre: Classic/Foreign/Drama
Dir: Francois Truffaut
Length: 99 minutes

Summary: A misunderstood young adolescent turns to petty crime. (There is so much more to this, but you have to see it for yourself).

My 2¢: I really loved this film. Story is king here, and there is never a wasted moment. The story unfolds seamlessly. I was surprised at how timeless this film was and how the characters could very well be telling the story of a pre-teen struggling against all odds in today’s society.

Genre: Classic/Drama
Dir: Robert Altman
Length: 160 min

Summary: Intersecting story lines revolving around the music industry and a political event.