Sunday, July 4, 2010

FYI For Fellow Screenwriters

I was forwarded the following information that may be of interest to screenwriters looking to get professional feedback on their scripts:

Is your screenplay ready to sell? Enter the Richard Walter Online Review Program to win a chance to find out!

UCLA Professor Richard Walter asserts that one of the biggest mistakes writers make is to market their scripts before they’re truly ready. If you read Richard’s new book, Essentials of Screenwriting, and post an online review of it on, your own blog, Facebook page or favorite user review site (and send the full review and the link to where it appears online to ), you will be entered into a weekly drawing to win a free read of your script by Richard. If he deems it ready, he’ll refer it to a potential representative or directly to a production company. If he feels it is not ready, he’ll send you a letter in which he cites its essential strengths and identifies those issues that in his view require further consideration.

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Michael J. Farrand said...

It might be time to have your script looked at by a professional, one who might be able to pass it along to those who can actually get it produced.