Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Procrastination Bug

It’s that time again.

A tidy house. DVD collection in alphabetical order. Windows sparkly clean. Even the dreaded visit to the dentist - twice in one month. Any and every-thing to avoid putting butt to chair and “punching the damn keys”.

Writers often talk about writer’s block; the inability to put words to paper. For me, I don’t think it’s a block, as much as it’s... what’s the word? Oh, yeah, FEAR! Good old-fashioned scared shitless.

I’ve never been one for the unknown. I like to know what’s at the end of that dark, deserted alleyway before I send twenty buffed body-builders to check it out, draw up a detailed blueprint and aerial view, and gather a posse to join me only after they’ve installed lighting and security cameras.

I don’t like the unknown.

But, such is life, and even more ironic, such is the career path I’ve chosen. My life is a walking UNKNOWN.

Writing on spec, or starting a short film project is scary as hell. Yes, my ideas stem from my own passion and drive, but I also have this crazy need to share it with others. And it’s that part that has me cowering in the corner looking for every escape route leading away from the pen and paper.

The cure?


Or, maybe it’s the same thing that ails me, sort of like antibiotics - a little dose of the bug. Because I hate not knowing where the road will take me, I do everything possible to ensure that I’ll at least stay on course. I may not know where I’m going, but I must be prepared.

So, in a few days (hopefully not weeks), I’ll push past this debilitating fear and move into the state of determined fear. I’ll become a bit more focused and determined, and I’ll put butt to chair and punch the keys. Where this will lead...

On the road to success.

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