Monday, September 24, 2007

Production Pics

Trisha Tsolyn (DP), Zayre Ferrer (Associate Producer) and Me watching and discussing playback.

This was the last night of filming. We shot two locations - starting the day at 8 AM and finally wrapping at 2:30 AM. An experience I'll never forget.

Trisha Tsolyn (DP) and I

We were able to get this scene done ahead of schedule. However, because of the move, I ended up playing a character. You don't see my face and I don't talk - so, it wasn't too bad.

Zayre Ferrer (Associate Producer), Althea Pollard (Actor), Trisha Tsolyn (DP), Greg Sill (Actor), and Me

I was able to secure this location just a few days before the shoot. This picture does not do the location justice. It's a beautiful place - an Architect's Office and attached home - he designed it himself. hope to use this location again, utilizing more of its beauty.

Trisha Tsolyn (DP) and Greg Sill (Grip/Supporting Actor)

Day one of shooting - this was a really late night shoot. Call time was 8 PM. We wrapped after 1 AM. This was a flashback scene, with all non-actors and extras. The lead actor was a 7-year-old.

Trisha Tsolyn (DP), Brianna Stewart (Actor), Extras (and great friends).

I was amazed and overwhelmed by everyone's willingness to do take after take. My child actor - who had never acted before - was a natural.

Trisha Tsoyln (DP), Me, Jordon Cooper (Sound Mixer)

On location at the Art Gallery. On the walls are the original artwork created just for the short (the smaller ones), as well as artwork by a local artist (big pieces).

The very few times I THOUGHT I knew what I was talking about.

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Thanks for sharing the pictures. How is the editing coming along?