Monday, July 2, 2007

Short Film Update

I’ve been busy - to-say-the-least.

A whole lot has happened since I last blogged.

I’m continuing to assemble a crew. So far, we have a DP, Sound Mixer, Art Director, 2 Production Assistants, and a Script Supervisor.

I also have a co-producer on board.

I have my two lead actors, and am still looking for an actress. I have some extras lined up.

I’ve secured one location and scouted a few others. Today, I made a few contacts in terms of securing the second location for the shoot.

I’ve also got a quote for production insurance that I will most likely go with.

The new website is up, but I still need to work on this a bit. I’ll be searching for a webmaster as soon as we put this short in the can.

This week, I hope to have a preliminary shot list and storyboard some scenes to present to the creative team at our upcoming meeting.

A lot of work, but I’m loving it (most days).

Back to work I go.


Fun Joel said...

Hey there! Don't think I've seen your blog before, so thanks for the link! And welcome (belatedly) to the Scribosphere. :-)

MSJ said...

Wow! A lot has happened since you last blogged. I am so excited for you! Keep the updates coming.

annabel said...

And once again, I am Mike :b