Saturday, June 16, 2007

Foundation - Building Ain't Easy

Things have been moving along.

My new networking skills are continuing to pay off. I was able to secure a sound mixer and have been playing e-mail and phone tag with a very talented DP. I’ve seen her reels and I’m totally impressed with her eye for capturing, not just the subject, but the world around him/her/it. She is currently working on a feature film, but is very much interested in working with me. I’m going to need to surround myself with experienced people.

I spoke with a few potential animators. One, in particular, I really like. He is very enthusiastic about the vision and goals I have for the project and even offered sound advice. As he has a strong background in fine arts, I might also bring him aboard as the artist (there are pieces of artwork that must be completed for the project). The weird thing, we both attended the same undergrad around the same time. Indeed a small world. Based on our phone conversation, I will be rewriting the script in a way that incorporates the animation I want to include.

On the business end, my company should be official as early as next week. The company name: It Is What It Is Productions, Inc. I am calling it IIWII Productions for short and have already secured a domain name - IIWIIPRODUCTIONS.COM.


Technology always seems to kick my butt when I least need it. Because I am a Mac Girl (once you go Mac, you never go back), I am having a shit load of issues building a website using It seems like most website builder services are Windows friendly and hate Mac OS X with a passion. Sure, there’s software/programs out there like Dreamweaver and Adobe Creative Suite, but at $399 and $1,599 a pop, my pocketbook is screaming to be left the hell alone.

Because this project is growing bigger than I imagined, I might have to push back production - I still have some more preproduction stuff to accomplish.

Until this thing with the website, I was on a high - God, I HATE when technology gets more complicated than it needs to be. It’s all about the dollar bill.

Anyway, I’m going to walk away from the website thingy and get back to gathering my crew and punching up the script.

Stay tuned...


annabel said...

I love the look of your website. I can't wait to see it when it is complete.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Annabel! Though, I had to change the site - the software I was using was a bit complicated. I switched to iWeb for now. Once this short is done, I'll look for a good webmaster.

MSJ said...

I like the new look even better! I have created a couple of websites and I know how much work it takes! Although, I got tired of all the work so I switched to Dreamweaver, which is sort of cheating (heehee).

annabel said...

Oops! I am "Mike" - lol. My brother-in-law used my computer and I didn't realize he was still logged in when I wrote this.