Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

So, my head is spinning. Okay, not quite spinning, but there is blurred vision.

I’ve been going back to school. No, no classroom or teacher involved. Just me doing crazy research on what I would need to make this short film the best it can be.

I spent a few hours yesterday with How To Make Your Movie: An Interactive Film School software. Pretty informative. I’ve also dusted off my copy of The Complete Film Production Handbook. As my short will be using real actors (and not just a bunch of friends and family who owe me a favor or two... though, I wish I could), as well as locations that I don’t have personal access or connections to, I am seriously thinking about forming an LLC. Since I already formed a nonprofit a few years ago, I’m pretty familiar with creating a business plan, filing articles of incorporation, forming a board of directors, etc... But, nonetheless, all of this is still a bit scary.

The more I think about the short film, the more excited and scared I get. I know the work and hours it takes to get this started and then to see it to completion. Doing a short film for a class assignment is one thing, doing one completely on my own is a whole ‘nother “thang”.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The strange thing about all of this is that I’m having fun. It’s weird, but the researching, scouting, planning and pulling out my dreds is giving me a high that I don’t want to give up.

I’m on my way to being a filmmaker.

Did I mention I’m scared shitless?


annabel said...

It looks like you are at the start of an amazing journey! Now, that's exciting!

annabel said...

I hope everything is going well with the short!

This is off topic, but I was checking out your library list. We seem to have amazingly similar taste in books! I plan to look it over again when I have more time and jot down some of the titles of books I haven't read yet. :)

Tracy said...

Hey, Annabel. Do you have a LibraryThing account? I'm a book junkie (I belong to the book-of-the-month club - which by the way, sends out two books a month - might want to change their name). I have to update my book collection. Let me know of any books I should get my hands on.

The short is a slow go. I'm starting to appreciate the business side of filmmaking - things can move at a snails place when so many elements have to fall into place.

I might have secured a location - a friend of a friend sort of thing. I'll be checking it out this weekend. I need to get cracking on a rewrite of the script. Thanks for asking.

Happy writing :-)

annabel said...

I am glad to hear things are moving along... even if it is slow going. I hope things worked out with the location this weekend.

No, I don't have a LibraryThing account. I actually hadn't heard about it until I saw yours. I might have to get myself one.